Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Why Am I Doing This to Myself?

This is my first post.  In my future posts in the coming days, weeks, months, years, or however long before I get tired of doing this, I will be writing about the earth shattering and frankly insane world of American politics.  The cold miserable awful hole that is American politics.  I will be focusing a little bit on the world of social media and politics, a world I am unfortunately all too familiar with.  I will delve into subjects both concerning ideology, but also electoral results.

A little bit about myself and my political background.  I identify myself as a capitalist, first and foremost.  Most people would identify me as a libertarian, conservative, or greedy scum sucking corporate pig.  The reality is that none of those labels really fit me, with the possible exception of the greedy scum sucking corporate pig part.  Thus I simply identify myself as a capitalist.  At one time, some, including myself, might have identified me with the tea-party, but somewhere along the way, the tea-party went batshit insane.

In 2008 and 2012, I did support Ron Paul for President in the GOP primaries, just to give you a little insight into my politics.  With that being said, I do often find myself at odds with the positions of Dr. Paul, and often myself at odds with some of his supporters.  While many of his supporters are very normal and actually very politically astute, too many are truthers and other sorts of people form the tin foil hat brigade who don't realize they are hurting the movement they represent.  In future posts, I will simply refer to all members of any tin foil hat brigade as HATTERS.  This includes truthers, birthers, chemtrailers, and anyone who thinks everything is a damn government conspiracy.  The image at the top of this page which says "Keep calm and quit hattin" is a sort of a slogan to represent my generally frustration at many of the Paul supporters.

Should he run in 2016, I do intend on supporting Rand Paul, and I clearly believe that in many ways he is a more polished and better candidate for national office than his dad.  In many ways, where his some of his dads views were way off-base, Rand has the right position.  I disagree with Rand on a number of things, but his candidacy is the closest we will get to perfect and still actually have a chance to win.  Of course, the aforementioned hatters will probably ruin any chance of any Paul, including Ron, Rand, or cousin Jimmy Jack Paul, of ever winning the Presidency.  They will do this by endlessly annoying the rest of the voting population with their stupid paranoid delusional crap.  

I do often vote for Republicans in elections, and I am currently registered Republican.  However, there are many times, including the 2012 general election where I don't vote for the GOP candidate.  There are a ton of things that frankly sicken me about the GOP, its leaders, and the right in general.  I think the GOP and its candidates are appalling when they focus on social issues.  The GOP is a dinosaur party badly in need of fresh ideas, fresh people who are NOT the tea-party types who seem to populate much of the right at this moment.  

Having said that, I despise a lot of what liberalism represents.  I think the common American liberal anti-capitalist view is not only a threat to freedom and liberty, but it is so damn annoying and whiny.  I believe there is no hope for the Democrat party and American liberalism in general.  Thus, that is why you might find criticizing the right more than the left, because with the right there is at least some hope.   Even when I agree with liberals on social issues, for instance, the liberals don't have the right principles.    

Finally, a little bit about the title of this blog.  One, I do think it is a little witty and kind of interesting.  Two, the title really represents my view on the state of American politics today.  The left is full of whiny clowns crying about corporations, wage inequality, and diversity (while completely ignoring the diversity of thought) while at the same time knowing very little about the subject they talk about.  Meanwhile, much of the right has gone batshit insane for the past few years, highlighted by the stupid, moronic, idiotic, morally bankrupt, fact-challenged birther movement.  Seriously, you will find out in future posts HOW MUCH I HATE BIRTHERS AND BIRTHERISM IN ALL ITS FORMS.  Thus the title of the blog reflects my generally disgust at much of what goes in today's American politics.

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