Monday, July 14, 2014

Your Hobby........Not My Lobby

As most of you are probably aware, recently the Supreme Court decided a case Burwell v. Hobby Lobby in which the court in a contentious 5-4 decision decided that the Obamacare contraception mandate violated the free exercise of religion of the Hobby Lobby Corporation.  The court agreed that the mandate, which says that health plans are required to cover contraception at no charge to the insured, was a proper compelling state interest.  However, the government failed to show that the mandate was the least restrictive means of furthering that interest.  In layman's terms Hobby Lobby did not have to cover the 4 methods of contraception they felt were abortion inducing in their health plan.  

Of course, as you can suspect this decision drove liberals absolutely insane.  They went completely apeshit over the decision and criticized the 5 Justices, who happened to be all men who decided the majority.  At the same time, liberals heralded Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's dissent and championing her as the voice of women not just in the US, but all over the planet and probably the planet Vulcan too.  For liberals the decision was anti-woman, while at the same time pro-corporation.  Women would be denied their birth control and reproductive freedom.  They felt that the Supreme Court gave corporations person hood once again.  Of course none of these things are true, but how often do most liberals care about the truth.  

Let me go on the record as saying that the author of this little blog is:
  • Pro Choice on Abortion
  • Believes very strongly in reproductive freedom
  • Believes that all forms of contraception should be legal, including the 4 forms that Hobby Lobby was concerned about
  • Don't actually think that the 4 drugs are abortion inducing....based on science
  • Doesn't believe that just telling everyone to wait until marriage is practical or smart
  • Absolutely believes that social conservatives like that asshole Rick Santorum are bad for America
  • Thinks that Rush Limbaugh was being a complete shithead when talking about Sandra Fluke mostly because it was clear that he didn't actually listen to her testimony
  • Not a prude in any sense of the word
  • Actually believes that most women's health plans SHOULD (not through force) cover most types of contraception
Thus, it would hard to classify myself as the typical defender of this decision.  Many on the right, particularly social conservatives, would likely find some of these positions trouble, especially the first and last bullet points.  Oh well, I am not really looking for anyone's approval anyway, and the point of this post is to simply state why the hell liberals are completely wrong on this.  

The reality is that not only is the left wrong as to the law, the Bill of Rights, etc., but they are completely wrong on the principle.  You see, for all the carping that liberals do about being pro-choice, they conveniently forget to be Pro-Choice on..........well just about most issues outside of abortion, with this being a prime example.  First off, no one actually denied access to any form of contraception.  All forms are still available from your local pharmacist.  In fact, even the 4 forms of contraception at issue ARE STILL AVAILABLE FREE OF CHARGE TO WOMEN WHO WORK AT HOBBY LOBBY.  Yes, that is right, not one women who works for this Christian owned business will actually have to pay out of pocket for their contraception.  Secondly, even if there were no FREE access to contraception, that would still mean that there was access to the drugs/devices, it is just that would have to pay out of pocket for them.  I mean the government doesn't provide me with steak and lobster, yet I can walk into many fine dining establishments or Red Lobster and get steak and lobster by using my Visa.  There is still access, you useless twits.

The fact that liberal idiots can't distinguish the difference between denying access and denying FREE access is revealing into the character and make-up of the typical modern day liberal.  They can talk about choice, free expression, and freedom all they want but it is hollow when coming from the mouths of these people.  When it comes time to practice actual choice, actual free expression and actual liberty, you are only granted these rights if you agree with the liberal position.  Thus if you choose to have an abortion, a liberal is certainly ok with it.  If you choose to own a gun, most liberals are against it.  If you are gay and wish to get married, a liberal is good with that.  If you don't believe in being forced to join a union, well you are a liberals worst enemy.  The list of liberal hypocrisy in choice goes on and on and on and on and on.  The reality is that there is no such thing as an pro-choice liberal progressive because no such thing exists.  They don't realize that choice is not just about your views on Abortion, but all political, ideological, and economic issues.  You can't claim to be pro-choice while sitting there dictating that a business or insurance plan MUST cover something by law.

Simply put, these pro-choice liberals aren't mad that Hobby Lobby is restricting access to something, because they aren't, they are mad that a business is allowed to make choices for themselves in the first place.  Hell, they are really just mad that other people CHOOSE to make choices which differ from the choices they make themselves.  Look at the hate gun owners receive from liberals for simply CHOOSING to protect themselves with a firearm.  Or look at how liberals react to a speaker on a college campus who simply CHOOSES to express themselves and offer a differing opinion on a subject that disagrees with liberal world-view.  Finally look at how liberals react to a company like Wal-Mart who CHOOSES (along with their workers) to not collectively bargain.  

The worst part of this anti-choice liberalism is that it so permeates liberal thought on economics and how businesses should conduct themselves.  Aside from the anti-choice government mandates that liberals love, such as minimum wage laws and collective bargaining laws, the anti-choice liberal seems to want to involve themselves in every decision that a business makes.  Want to be able as a restaurant to offer a smoking section, you can't because of "pro-choice" liberals.  Want to serve trans fats in that restaurant, you can't because of "pro-choice" liberals.  Want to offer your workers HSA's instead of typical health insurance plans, you can't because of "pro-choice" liberals.  Want to offer real world experience through unpaid internships, you can't because of "pro-choice" liberals.  Again, the list goes on and on and on and on and on.

What this real boils down to is that liberals aren't afraid of losing access to abortion or contraception, they simply want to FORCE everyone else to pay for it.  Rather than letting businesses choose what incentives, pay, benefits, etc., they have to force businesses and everyone for that matter to accept their rules, their regulations, and most of all, their right to have someone ELSE pay for something they want.  (Not realizing that nothing is really free and in the end they ARE paying for it, one way or another).  Thus, today's liberals have determined that free access to contraception is what all of society needs, thus all of society, all businesses, and all people must pay for this free access whether we want to or not.  DOES THIS SOUND LIKE PRO-CHOICE TO YOU?

Liberals used the Twitter hashtag #NotMyBoss'sBusiness after the decision to try make some idiotic point about how their boss shouldn't being involved in health care decisions.  I would actually agree with this principle, if liberals weren't so fucking stupid.  If liberals actually realized that by having government mandate everything that their employer must do for "good of the employee" including what they must cover in terms of insurance, that they essentially made it their boss's business.  You can't honestly sit there and say "Well, you as my boss, must do this for me or else I will get the government after you" while at the same time saying that "It isn't my boss's business".  Well which is it, you dumbshits?  You can't have it both ways.  If you boss is paying for something, in this case health insurance, guess what IT IS YOUR BOSS'S BUSINESS.  Again, I am not advocating that employers start getting into the reproductive or other health decisions of an employee.  I am merely saying that liberal employees can't have it both ways.

Liberals also can't see the difference between that douchenozzle Rick Santorum and rational people like myself who are either conservative, libertarian, or simply not a progressive liberal.  Whereas, that shithead Lil Ricky Santorum pretty much wants to go back to a time before Griswold vs. Connecticut, rational folks with IQ's above 35 like myself, believe in a modern system of choice where a person is able to freely choose which products they would like to consume.  At the same time, they are ultimately also responsible for purchasing those products themselves unless they can get their employer to freely agree to pay for them.  Meanwhile, liberals want the ability to choose to use certain products, but they want to FORCE you to pay for that usage, and if you don't pay for it, you are blocking access to it.

At the end of the day, the uproar over the Hobby Lobby decision reveals less about the Supreme Court and where it is heading, instead revealing more about the state of modern day liberalism in this country.  Liberalism is less about people being able to make choices, and more about people, businesses, and society as a whole being forced to make the "choices" that liberals to be made.  Furthermore, it is also about everyone else being forced to subsidize those choices, all in the name of "choice."  The Hobby Lobby decision and its aftermath is a good indicator of the anti-choice, anti-freedom, anti-liberty agenda of the modern progressive liberal movement.

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